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You can find small, two-compartment mocha coffee pots in almost every home in Italy; The coffee you get with the easy-to-use moka pot is full-bodied and rich in flavor. Invented in Italy in the 1930s, the moka coffee pot consists of a cylinder (bottom chamber), a funnel-shaped filter, an upper chamber where the coffee is collected, and a second, detachable filter attached to the bottom of the upper chamber via a gasket.

How Does the Moka Pot System Brew Coffee?

The water heated in the lower chamber rises with 2 atmospheres of steam pressure, passes through the coffee powder in the filter, and is collected in the upper chamber as liquid coffee. You can watch the video explaining the working system of the Moka pot coffee pot below.

How to Make Coffee with Moka Pot?

How to use moka pot

  1. First, open the moka pot by grasping the upper and lower chambers and turning it. Separate the filter from the lower chamber.
  2. Fill the lower chamber with drinking water at the level of the lowest point of the valve on the surface of the chamber. FILLING POWDERED COFFEE INTO MOKA POT
  3. Fill the funnel-shaped filter with ground coffee freely, without pressing it, to the brim. Make sure the coffee settles by hitting the outside with a spoon. Remove excess coffee by scraping the top with the flat side of the spoon. How to use moka pot
  4. Place the funnel-shaped filter on the lower chamber filled with water.
  5. After ensuring that the gasket and filter in the upper compartment are installed correctly, screw the two compartments together tightly; Do not force the handle on the upper compartment to tighten and then open it.
  6. Place the moka coffee pot on the smallest compartment of your stove over low heat. how to make mocha coffee
  7. Keeping the lid of the upper compartment open will help you catch the moment when the coffee starts to arrive.
  8. Take your coffee pot off the stove just before your coffee starts to create air bubbles as it comes out of the column in the upper chamber; This way, you get the best parts of the coffee. Coffee recipe in maka pot coffee pot
  9. After waiting for a short time, you can stir your coffee with a spoon and pour it into a cup before serving.

    How to Clean Moka Pot?

    Moka pots are mostly produced from aluminum, coffee brewing equipment produced using aluminum material should never be contacted with materials such as soap, detergent and sponge. You should only clean these equipment by rubbing them with your hands or shaking them with hot water. Otherwise, the aluminum material may react and turn into a material that could threaten your health.

    1. Cleaning the Moka Pot coffee pot as soon as you use it will make your job easier by not allowing the coffee and water to dry and stain. To do this, hold the hot coffee pot under cold water and reduce it to a temperature that you can hold with your hand.
    2. Separate the Moka Pot coffee pot (bottom chamber, filter and upper chamber) from each other.
    3. Clean your coffee pot, which is made of cast aluminum material, by simply rinsing it in warm water.
    4. You can dry the items you wash and put them in your closet until next use.

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