Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long is the delivery time of the products?

Answer: The products are processed and shipped within 2 business days after your order reaches us. The beverage group is delivered by us only within Istanbul, usually 1 day a week (Tuesday).

Question: How much is the shipping fee for the products?

Answer: Shipping fee is added to all orders as 29.90 TL including VAT. Since water-soda group products cannot be sent by cargo, we cannot accept beverage orders outside of Istanbul. We generally deliver once a week (Tuesday) within Istanbul.

Question: Why is only illy brand coffee sold?

Answer: is the authorized dealer of illy Turkey distributorship for home and office channels.

Question: How long is the warranty period of the machines?

Answer: Machine replacement is guaranteed for up to 1 year, and parts replacement is guaranteed after 1 year. The invoice and parcel of the machines must be kept for warranty purposes. In case of any malfunction, you can contact us.

Question: What are the machine return conditions?

Answer: If the machine is in working condition, it can be returned with its invoice and parcel within 15 days. If there is a malfunction in brand new machines within the first 15 days, a one-to-one replacement can be provided.

Question: Can different brands of capsules and coffee be placed in F.Francis brand machines?

Answer is no. The machines only work with their own capsules. It is not compatible with other brand capsules.

Question: How many types of coffee can be made in F.Francis brand machines?

Answer: There is only ground coffee in illy capsules, you can only get espresso or lungo coffee from the capsules. If there is a steam wand device in the capsule machine, you can make milk-based coffee varieties by frothing and heating liquid (fresh) milk and adding it to the espresso you get from the capsule.

Question: How many cups of coffee can be obtained from 1 capsule?

Answer: You can only get 1 cup of coffee (Single espresso between 20-25ml) from each capsule you put into the machine. This amount corresponds to approximately half of a cup of Turkish coffee. Approximately twice this amount of coffee is automatically taken from Lungo capsules.

Question: What is your account information?


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 537 / 6298259
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