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If you want to drink quality coffee, you can go to a coffee shop and get what you want from the barista. However, if you want to get similar solutions at home and feel like a professional, bar equipment offers you the solutions you are looking for.

Thanks to these products, you can make the coffee you want more easily and get more delicious results. These are very easy to use and clean. The products in question range from tampers to cleaning brushes, from cleaning powders to mats.

İlly Shop offers you a wide choice list in this regard. If you examine all of them, you can find the ones that suit you and order them immediately according to your desire.


If you want to make like a bartender, one of the first products you should buy is a tamper. Because there is no barista without this material. This option among bar supplies uses it to press coffee.

For this, it applies equal pressure on it. There are special mats for this. You simply need to place the coffee you want to tighten into the empty space and then apply pressure. However, what you need to know is that the tamper is not used to grind the beans. Because he has a separate machine.

İlly Shop offers you different tampers. By examining these, you can decide which one is best. If you want to grind your coffee, you can try the options we offer for this.

Cleaning Powders

If you want to preserve the taste of your coffee, cleaning powders are another option you should have on hand. Among the barista accessories, this product allows you to clean filters and spoons beautifully. Thus, it also helps protect your health.

Cleaning Brushes

Cleaning of coffee machines is done generally and locally. Although general cleaning is done once every 1-2 months, local cleaning is carried out after each use. For this, there must be special barista materials.

Cleaning brushes are the products used for this reason. In this way, you can clean all coffee residues in the device and prevent the coffee from losing its taste. The products offered to you by İlly Shop can be used for many years as they are heat resistant.

Additionally, because they are angled, they can easily reach every place inside the machine.

Bar Counter Brush

If you want to feel like a true barista, this product offers quick solutions that you can use to wipe and clean the counter you use while making coffee. Thanks to its nylon bristles, it does not damage the countertop.