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As 2F Gıda Pazarlama, we have been working for more than 6 years with our staff who have made it a principle to provide service above expectations in order to carefully deliver the world's distinguished brands to end consumers. We meet the needs of our customers by preserving the value of the brands we represent. In this context, we carry out the e-commerce organization of illy coffee, of which we are the authorized sales dealer for the home and office channel, via illy.barista.com.tr. With the importance we attach to brand values ​​and our customers, we carry out sales, invoicing, packaging and cargo shipping processes carefully and maintain our distinguished position in the food industry. We provide unlimited support for our products and services not only at the time of sale, but also before and after sales, and we maintain our relationship with our customers and business partners in the best possible way by always answering the questions we receive.

Our mission is to deliver illy coffee products to real coffee lovers, where the best coffee beans that nature can grow are packaged with the most up-to-date technologies that preserve the freshness of the first day they were roasted.

Our vision is to expand and make accessible the range of premium segment coffee, accessories, equipment and ancillary products in order to offer coffee lovers access to perfect coffee and unique coffee experiences by always taking them to the next level.

With the illy coffee brand, which creates added value in the world in the field of sustainability, our main goals are to provide an environmentally friendly service, to meet the needs of coffee enthusiasts and to meet expectations as quickly as possible. The bonds we establish with our customers with a transparent and solution-oriented approach are the most important values ​​for us. Our primary principle is to improve ourselves by evaluating the feedback we receive from our customers and business partners.

So why do we strive to spread illy coffee's unique passion for coffee? illy coffee offers a unique taste with a rich taste, a strong aroma and a smooth drink; It is the most preferred brand worldwide, carrying the freshness of 100% Arabica coffee beans from the first day they were roasted to 140 different countries; It has a unique blend that offers the same taste in every drink, with its special formula in which coffee beans collected from 9 different regions are mixed with rearranged proportions every harvest period; Beyond taste, the experience it offers in every cup brings together culture and art to offer a versatile coffee experience that appeals to all senses.

The only authorized distributor of illy in Turkey is Bidfood. This site is managed by 2F Gıda Pazarlama, Bidfood's home and office dealer.

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