Collection: Cups & Accessories

The accessories that accompany it are as important as the coffee itself. If the cup options you have in your kitchen are not enough for you, it is normal to want better ones, like every coffee lover.

However, the only importance of accessories is not related to aesthetics. If you want your coffee to be stronger or softer, these products come into play. This way, the results you want can be better achieved. Using a scale will help you adjust the hardness in a more calculated manner.

In addition, it must be cleaned so that the coffee does not lose its flavor and does not become harmful to your health. Lime care powders help you in this regard. These products, which come in single-dose packages, help you completely clean the water tank of your device from limescale. To do this, you just need to fill it with clean water, add a packet and wait for it to dissolve.

If you perform lime maintenance afterwards, you can make it cleaner.


When it comes to coffee, the first thing that comes to mind is cups. Although coffee shops offer different cups for each coffee, homes often cannot adapt to this. However, if you have bought an Espresso machine and want to drink it as it should, you should also buy an Espresso cup.

İlly Shop offers you cups suitable for this purpose. This way, you can enjoy Espresso better at home. Apart from this, we also have Cappucino cup options. If you like this type of coffee, you can immediately try the options offered to you by İlly.

If you are looking for more different and unique cups, you can try our freddo cup options. Each of our glasses is specially designed and offers you the best solutions in terms of volume. As is known, cups also have saucers.

Cup Accessories

The cups are used together with a set. These are shaped like a spoon and a saucer. If you are interested in aesthetics, you should pay attention to these when purchasing.

However, when buying a cup, you should also buy a saucer. Because if you do not want your coffee to spill on the floor, these are life-saving products for you. If you examine the options we offer you, you can find the best solutions.

Travel Mug

If you have made your coffee but want to drink it on the road, travel mug products offer you suitable options. It offers a perfect drinking pleasure as it keeps drinks hot or cold for long hours.