Collection: Sauce and Puree Types

When it comes to sauce and puree, the first thing that comes to mind is the options used in cakes. Although natural, there are coffee sauces. Their purpose is to bring a new taste to your coffee. These products, which are very easy to use, are applied during the making of coffee.

These products, which have a liquid consistency, will not spoil your enjoyment as they do not create residue at the bottom of your coffee. If you do not like drinking strong coffee, these products, offered in different flavors, offer you excellent results.

In addition to coffees, İlly Shop offers options that you can use in all your desserts, including ready-made cake sauces and purees. They all have different flavors and you can choose them according to your personal tastes.

Sauce and Puree Types

Coffee or cake sauce suggestions are constantly being reviewed for newer flavors. Although these are suitable for all tastes, if you do not like a flavor it may not be good for you. For example, those who love mango fruit may find its sauce and puree pleasant. However, those who have not eaten it yet or do not like it may not agree.

İlly Shop has many options to offer suitable options for everyone. From this perspective,

  1. dark chocolate sauce,
  2. white chocolate sauce,
  3. banana sauce,
  4. coconut sauce,
  5. strawberry sauce,
  6. peach sauce,
  7. mango sauce,
  8. Passion fruit sauce and many more purees are offered.

If you buy coffee and cake sauces according to the fruits you like, you can get better results.

Quality Sauce and Puree Types

If you want your coffee or cakes to be more delicious, the fruit puree and sauce you use are of great importance. In this regard, Illy Shop offers first-class quality options for you to get sweeter results.

It also has a practical use as you can use it in both coffee sauce and cake sauces. A product you purchase can be used for different purposes without any problems until the expiration date on it. To do this, simply follow the storage instructions on it.

These products, which you can use as dessert puree, have a wide category. If you want to make a cake, you can get the best results with wet cake sauces.

If you want to innovate yourself at home, you can order frozen fruit puree and use it as you wish.