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The Perfect Harmony of Ice Cream and Coffee - Affogato Recipe

Have you ever tried combining ice cream, one of the most popular flavors of summer, with coffee? Affogato recipe offers a taste that will complement the coolness of ice cream with coffee and will be indispensable in the summer months. The recipe is very easy to follow, the only ingredients you need are delicious vanilla ice cream and espresso!

affogato recipe

How to Make Affogato?

  1. Prepare 20-25 ml of espresso.
  2. Place a scoop of ice cream (about 40gr) in a large glass or bowl.
  3. Pour the espresso (without waiting for it to cool) over the ice cream.
  4. Serve with a teaspoon on the side.
  5. If you wish, you can add caramel, chocolate sauce or decorate it with whipped cream and/or grated chocolate.

    You can also prepare this delicious affogato recipe by doubling the proportions because you will love it! You can also try different flavored ice creams instead of vanilla ice cream.

    Can Affogato be eaten or drunk?

    Since Affogato contains both ice cream and coffee, it may sometimes not be clear whether it can be eaten or drunk. If you are wondering how to eat affogato, we can say that both can actually happen. Hot espresso added to cold ice cream begins to melt the top surface of the ice cream. It is possible to eat the entire affogato by scooping both ice cream and coffee into your spoon. If you add more coffee, you may be able to drink the remaining coffee in the glass after eating the ice cream.

    Equipment You Can Use to Make Affogato:

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