Americano Nasıl Yapılır? Espressodan Farkı Nedir?

How to Make an Americano? What is its difference from espresso?

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This type of coffee was named Americano (American style) over time, when Americans, who found the Italian espresso coffee strong, requested hot water to be added to the espresso. In its simplest recipe, Americano is made by adding hot water to espresso. The difference between Americano coffee and espresso is that, since it is more watery, it offers a less intense coffee flavor and the opportunity to drink it for a longer time; It is a type of coffee that can be preferred by those who want to drink hot coffee for a longer time instead of a coffee that can be drunk in a short time.

How to Make an Americano?


  • 20-25 ml espresso
  • Hot water (Preferably heated with a steam wand rather than any kettle)

Preparation of:

  1. For the Americano recipe, you must first obtain espresso. Obtain 25-30 ml of espresso by flowing 90°C water from 7gr of ground coffee with 9 bar (atmosphere) pressure for 35 seconds.
  2. Heat the drinking water with the heating rod of your machine or by using a different source (such as a kettle).
  3. Add the heated water to the espresso, maximum 100ml.
  4. Your Americano coffee is ready.


  • Do not add hot water to espresso while it is boiling, make sure that the water you use has rested for a minute or two after boiling.
  • You can ask the person who wants to drink Americano the amount of hot water to be added to the espresso, and leave the amount setting to the drinker.
  • It is recommended to add a maximum of 100ml of hot water to single espresso.

How to Make Americano in Capsule Machines?

Francis Francis brand or some Hotpoint brand machines iperespresso medium roasted capsule ; illy MPS medium roasted capsules on some Mitaca brand machines ; If you use illy ESE Pod medium roasted coffee in machines that work with ESE Pod and adjust the water flow setting of the machine to deliver 20-25 ml of espresso, you can get perfect illy espresso every time. You can get an americano by adding any amount of hot water to this espresso.

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