Espresso Tarifi - Gurme Espressonun Püf Noktaları

Espresso Recipe - Gourmet Espresso Tips

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Espresso got its name from the Italians, which means "to force out" because it is obtained by passing high-pressure water through powdered coffee. Single Espresso , that is, espresso for a single drink, is obtained by pouring 20-25 ml of coffee from 7 grams of powdered coffee by flowing water at 90 ° C with 9 bar (atmosphere) pressure for 30 seconds. But the recipe for preparing espresso is not limited to this; with the developing technology, it is also possible to prepare espresso practically at home. To learn more about espresso, you can check out our blog post titled 6 Things You Didn't Know About Espresso .

How to Make Espresso?


7 grams of powdered coffee

Hot water

Making Espresso in an Espresso Machine:

  1. Put 7gr of ground coffee suitable for espresso (maximum 7.5gr) into the chamber on the coffee arm.
  2. After leaning the tip of the coffee arm on the table, compress the coffee by applying 20kg of pressure with the compression tamper and turning it from top to bottom and a quarter turn.
  3. Attach the coffee arm to the machine and run water through the machine until you reach the ideal amount of espresso, in no more than 30 seconds.

Tips for Making Gourmet Espresso:

  • Preparation of single espresso in 30 seconds guarantees a good balance in terms of aromatic profile and lasting crema.
  • 20ml is a suitable amount for dark roasted espresso, and 25ml is a suitable amount for medium roasted espresso.
  • If you can achieve the right amount of espresso in less than 30 seconds, you should grind the coffee beans finer; If it takes longer than 30 seconds, you should grind the coffee coarser.
  • If you do not have a grinder, you can choose ground illy powder coffee varieties for espresso.

How to Make Espresso in Capsule Machines?

In Francis Francis brand or some Hotpoint brand machines, illy iperespresso type capsules; illy MPS medium roasted capsules in some Mitaca brand machines; If you use illy ESE Pod medium roasted or decaffeinated coffee in machines that work with ESE Pod and adjust the water flow setting of the machine to get 20-25 ml of espresso, you can get perfect illy espresso every time.

illy's latest developed iperespresso capsules allow you to make perfect gourmet espressos every time. At the end of 30 seconds, by pressing a single button, you can obtain a rich and balanced gourmet espresso that is uniquely soft, covered with a unique cream in color and texture, and has a perfect aroma. If you have a coffee machine compatible with illy iperespresso capsules, you can choose the following types to make espresso.

illy's special blend consists of 100% arabica coffee beans collected by hand from 9 different regions. You can choose Iperespresso Capsules, Medium Roasted (18 Pieces) capsules to make illy espresso with a gourmet taste, and Caffeine-Free Iperespresso Capsules to get a caffeine- free espresso. You can also get espresso from iperespresso capsules, which are the single origin version of 9 different coffee beans that make up illy's special blend. These varieties are listed in order from the most intense flavor profile to the mildest: India , Guatemala , Brazil , Colombia , Ethiopia .

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