Espresso Lungo Kahve Nedir ve Nasıl Hazırlanır?

What is Espresso Lungo Coffee and How is it Prepared?

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Lungo means "long" in Italian, and Lungo coffee is the long drinking version of Espresso. This flavor, which is considered between Espresso and Americano, can be preferred by people who find Espresso strong. If you are wondering how to make illy Espresso Lungo, check out the Lungo Recipe.


  • 7 grams of powdered coffee.
  • Hot water.

How to Make Lungo Coffee in an Espresso Machine?

In the simplest terms, the lungo coffee recipe is prepared as if you were preparing an espresso, except that you extend the time of pouring hot water through the powdered coffee to 35 seconds. In this way, 5-10ml more coffee is obtained than single espresso, which is called long-drinking espresso, i.e. lungo coffee.

  1. Put 7gr of ground coffee (maximum 7.5gr), slightly coarser than the setting suitable for espresso, into the chamber on the coffee arm.
  2. After leaning the end of the coffee arm on the table, compress the coffee by applying 20kg pressure with the compression tamper and turning it from top to bottom and a quarter turn.
  3. By attaching the coffee arm to the machine , ensure that the ideal amount of water at 90°C passes through the powdered coffee with 9 bar (atmosphere) pressure.
  4. Reach 25-30ml lungo coffee by running water for 35 seconds.

Important Tips to Consider When Preparing Lungo Coffee:

  • To prepare a perfect lungo coffee, you can adjust the coffee grinding setting to be slightly coarser.
  • Do not restart your machine after the water flow stops, and do not run water over the same coffee a second time.
  • Increasing the extraction time over the coffee beyond 35 seconds will result in a lower quality lungo with thin foam and much less taste and aroma.
  • If you want to add more than 5ml while preparing Lungo coffee, do not draw more water for the same amount of coffee. Instead, you can add some of the water you have heated to the espresso lungo coffee using the steam wand of the machine or by using a different heater.

How to Make Lungo Coffee in Capsule Machines?

When you press the standard espresso button with the iperespresso lungo capsule on Francis Francis brand or some Hotpoint brand machines, you can get perfect illy espresso lungo coffee every time.

* When using the Iperespresso Lungo capsule, you do not need to change the water flow amount in your capsule machine. Although water flows at the same rate as espresso capsules, the powdered coffee in the lungo capsule is ground more coarsely, so you automatically get approximately twice as much coffee as the standard illy espresso.

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