Ristretto Tarifi - Daha Yoğun Kahve Tadının Formülü

Ristretto Recipe - Formula for More Intense Coffee Taste

How to make ristretto coffee?

Ristretto can be preferred by those who want to feel the taste of coffee more intensely. It has a lower amount of caffeine because less water passes through the powdered coffee compared to Espresso, even though the same amount of coffee is used; It is a coffee with a stronger aroma and can be drunk in one sip.


To prepare Ristretto, 15 ml of drink should be taken from 7 grams of powdered coffee, ground finer than Espresso , by flowing water at 90 ° C with 9 bar (atmosphere) pressure for 7-11 seconds.


For 15 ml Ristretto

- 7gr of coffee (powder coffee ground finer than espresso)

- drinking water

Making Ristretto in an Espresso Machine:

  1. Put 7gr of ground coffee (maximum 7.5gr) finer than powdered coffee suitable for espresso into the chamber on the coffee arm.
  2. After leaning the end of the coffee arm on the table, compress the coffee by applying 20kg pressure with the compression tamper and turning it from top to bottom and a quarter turn.
  3. Attach the coffee arm to the machine and run hot water for 7-11 seconds until you get 15ml of coffee.


FrancisFrancis brand or some Hotpoint brand machines with iperespresso capsule types ; illy MPS medium roasted capsules on some Mitaca brand machines ; If you use illy ESE Pod types in machines that work with ESE Pod and adjust the water flow setting of the machine to give 15ml of coffee, you can get Ristretto .

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