Aromalı Kahvenin Vazgeçilmez Yıldızı: Cappuccino

The Indispensable Star of Flavored Coffee: Cappuccino

Discover flavored cappuccino with monin coffee syrups

How about experiencing a unique taste that combines syrup and milk among flavored coffees? You can add flavor to your cappuccino recipes with different flavors! For this, be sure to choose unique Monin syrups. With the recipe detailed below, you can easily make varieties such as Vanilla Cappuccino, Almond Cappuccino, Roasted Hazelnut Cappuccino. It is entirely up to your imagination to apply this recipe with different syrups to suit your taste! What you need to apply the Flavored Cappuccino Recipe is espresso, milk and Monin Coffee Syrup. Monin Vanilla (700ml) , Monin Almond / Almond (700ml) or Monin Roasted Hazelnut (700ml) are the varieties we recommend, you can choose one of them or another syrup type of your choice.

Ingredients in Flavored Cappuccino:

  1. 20 ml Monin Syrup (Vanilla-Almond-Roasted Hazelnuts)
  2. 120ml milk
  3. 30ml illy espresso

How to Make Flavored Cappuccino?

  1. Prepare espresso coffee in the glass to be served.
  2. Add 20ml (2 pumps) of Vanilla or Almond or Roasted Hazelnut syrups.
  3. Add the warmed and frothed milk into a glass and serve.
  4. If you wish, you can add extra foam cream (whipped cream) on top.

Footnote: If you want to feel the coffee taste more intensely, you can choose double espresso as the first step.

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