Lezzetli Bir Frozen Yapmanın En Pratik Tarifi

The Most Practical Recipe for Making a Delicious Frozen

The most practical frozen recipe

We are sharing a frozen recipe that you can prepare with fruits that you will miss as summer ends. However, with Monin fruit puree varieties, you can prepare frozen whenever you want.


  1. 45 ml Monin Fruit Puree
  2. 120ml cold water
  3. Ice

How to Make Frozen?

Preparation of:

  1. Fill the glass to be served completely with ice,
  2. Add ¾ of cold water and pour it into the blender jar.
  3. Add 3 pumps (45 ml) of Monin fruit puree ,
  4. Mix in the blender until the ice is completely broken.
  5. Serve garnished with fresh fruits.

monin le fruit fruit purees

What are the Tips for Preparing a Delicious Frozen?

  • Although frozen food is generally prepared with a single type of fruit, you can create a unique flavor of your own by combining different types of fruit.
  • You can increase or decrease the proportions of fruit puree, cold water and ice in the frozen recipe to suit your taste.
  • Increasing the fruit puree will provide a more intense flavor, while increasing the amount of ice will intensify the consistency. Increasing the water ratio allows dilution of both fruit density and consistency.
  • Thanks to its dense ice content, it is easier to decorate frozen drinks. Using this advantage, you can use various fruits and spices suitable for the content.
  • Instead of plain ice, you can freeze fruits or fruit juices and include them in frozen recipes.
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