illy and Arçelik Together for Perfect Coffee Taste!
Hello! You purchased the Arçelik Imperium Barista® Espresso Machine, congratulations!
Welcome to the ' illy Coffee Page ' specially prepared for you!
All you have to do is add the specified amount of illy Medium Roasted Bean Coffee product to your cart within the scope of the campaign and enter the code in the SMS sent to you by Arçelik in the "discount code" section and press the apply button.
Wherever you are in Turkey, once you enter the address information you want your coffee to be sent to, everything is ready!
Now you can enjoy the Arçelik Imperium Barista® Espresso Machine with illy coffee! In order to experience our coffees in the most delicious way, we recommend that you review our usage suggestions below.
Arçelik Imperium Barista Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Usage Recommendation:
Since it is a fully automatic coffee machine, it automatically draws the coffee beans from the hopper. Therefore, although the bean weight recommendation is not specified, the grinding range recommendation is stated.

We recommend using normal taste and strong taste in the 1/13 grinding range available in the machine, 2 grinding degrees for Espresso, depending on the drinking density. For Americano, we recommend using normal taste and strong taste at 8 grinding levels, depending on the drinking density.
Arçelik Imperium Barista Semi-Automatic Coffee Machine Usage Recommendation:

    We recommend using a grammage between 7.5-8.5 grams in a single strainer and 14-15 grams in a double strainer, depending on the product and the desired density. Before preparing the product, we recommend heating the Portafilter by passing hot water through it, drying the inside of the filter, pouring the coffee, and ensuring that the cups used are at the required temperature before purchasing the product and do not cause heat loss to the product.

    Bon Appetit in Advance!