About UDC

Training and expertise are the most important elements for preparing quality coffee. The concept of quality coffee has a different meaning for everyone: for coffee growers, it means growing coffee beans that will give the best blend, for baristas, it means preparing delicious and consistent coffees, and for coffee lovers, it means drinking a well-prepared coffee with great pleasure in every sip.

Sharing... Sharing the rich coffee culture and knowledge was illy's biggest inspiration in opening the Universite del Caffe. Setting out with this inspiration, illy first opened UDC in Naples, Italy, in 1999. UDC, which later moved to Trieste in 2002, is an institute that offers courses in more than 20 branches around the world, closely follows all research on coffee, and follows the entire journey of coffee from bean to cup with great passion.

The entire journey of coffee from bean to cup... Yes, Universita del Caffe provides coffee producers with all the necessary elements to grow perfect coffee beans, which is a prerequisite for perfect coffee, within the scope of a long and detailed training, including field training. Producers who are knowledgeable about environmentally conscious techniques, responsible agriculture and all the details of harvesting, thus form the first link of illy's vision of doing "ethical and environmentally friendly" business.

Sensitive and application-oriented courses are organized at UDC, with trainings prepared for the "service sector", which is another leg of the journey. A customer-oriented training process has been planned with courses on coffee making, coffee menu development, cafe-bar management and marketing, and coffee service.

Coffee lovers were not left out on this journey; In addition to the topics of history, simple chemistry and biology of coffee, extra training on the aroma and taste of coffee and reinforced lessons are also given on what coffee lovers should expect from a high-quality coffee.