Cappuccino Tarifi - Latte ile Arasındaki Farklar

Cappuccino Recipe - Differences from Latte

Discover illy coffees for a unique cappuccino

Cappuccino: a combination of frothed milk and espresso! If you are one of those who cannot drink coffee without milk, cappuccino, which has a soft drink with frothed milk, is just for you. You can review the cappuccino recipe below, whose distinguishing feature compared to latte is the amount of milk added to the espresso and the ratio of frothed milk.

How to Make Cappuccino?


  • 20-25 ml illy espresso
  • 85 ml fresh frothed milk


How to make cappuccino? Preparation of:
  1. Prepare a shot of illy espresso in a cappuccino glass, you can review the espresso recipe for details.
  2. Using the milk frothing attachment of your coffee machine or a different milk frothing device, froth fresh milk to add 50% volume.
  3. Slowly add the frothed milk onto the illy espresso.
  4. If you wish, you can sprinkle some cocoa powder on the espresso before adding the milk.


  • The most important feature that distinguishes Cappuccino from Latte is the high amount of frothed milk. It is recommended to add a minimum of 2-3cm thick frothed milk to the espresso in a standard cappuccino cup. In latte, the amount of hot milk increases 5-6 times that of espresso, while a thin layer of milk foam appears on the surface.
  • During the frothing process, heat liquid (fresh) milk to a maximum of 70 degrees, higher temperature will cause the milk to smell caramelized and negatively affect the taste of coffee.
  • If you want to get a more intense coffee taste, you can add frothed milk to double espresso.

How to Make a Perfect Cappuccino in Capsule Machines?

The formula for making cappuccino in the most practical way at home is capsule machines. As well as professional machines, you can also make cappuccinos with unique flavors with a machine that can make a perfect espresso. For this purpose, it is an important detail that you use only espresso capsules containing powdered coffee and that you additionally heat and froth liquid milk instead of capsules containing powdered milk.

FrancisFrancis  brand or iperespresso medium roasted capsule in some Hotpoint brand machines; illy MPS medium roasted capsules on some Mitaca brand machines; If you use illy ESE Pod medium roasted coffee in machines that work with ESE Pod and adjust the water flow setting of the machine to deliver 20-25 ml of espresso, you can get perfect illy espresso every time. You can create cappuccino by adding the milk you frothed with the milk frothing wand of your machine or another milk frothing device to this espresso.

cappuccino with cocoa

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