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2017 Robert Wilson - Espresso Cup

2017 Robert Wilson - Espresso Cup

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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of illy Art Collection, American artist Robert Wilson presented a new coffee cup collection. The 2017 Robert Wilson - Espresso Cup design celebrates all illy Art Collection series created during the project's existence.

A master of creating images with great visual and emotional impact, Robert Wilson created a magical space within the Magazzini del Sale in Venice for the Golden Lion sculpture in 1993: “the dish ran away with the spoon everything you can think of is true” in this installation It marked a path through various landscapes populated by images, lights and sounds, objects and statues. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the illy Art Collection, he designed an installation inspired by the greatest contemporary artists and young talents who transformed the coffee cups entrusted to their hands like a "white canvas" over the past decades into collection pieces. illy Art Collection coffee cups inhabit this theatre-like landscape created by Robert Wilson through contrast and juxtaposition, creating a rhythm of audiovisual images and experiences.

Born in Wako, Texas, Robert Wilson is one of the world's most famous theater and visual artists. Through his signature use of light, his investigations into the structure of simple movement, and the classical rigor of landscape and furniture design, Wilson has consistently expressed the power and originality of his vision. Wilson's close ties and collaborations with leading artists, writers and musicians continue to fascinate audiences around the world.

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