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2021 Ai Weiwei - Set of 2 Espresso Cups

2021 Ai Weiwei - Set of 2 Espresso Cups

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In 2006, Ai Weiwei covered ancient Neolithic vases with industrial paint, erasing their historical value created through the process of appropriation. This work, called Colored Vases, referred to the destruction of ancient Chinese culture initiated by Mao. The 2021 Ai Weiwei - illy Art Collection Series is a tribute to the artist's "Colorful Vases".

2021 Ai Weiwei - Set of 2 Espresso Cups includes 2 limited edition espresso cups, specially designed by Ai Weiwei for the illy art collection series in 2021.

A Matter of Perspective: When Appearances Deceive.

"Self-expression requires a reason, but self-expression actually requires a reason."

Considered one of the most influential global figures of recent years, Ai Weiwei reflects the complexity of society and the present through a critical quest for the often problematic connection between China and the West. It is not possible to describe the versatile personality of Ai Weiwei, born in Beijing in 1957, with a single word: conceptual artist, sculptor, painter, performer, photographer, architect and urban planner, collector, director (cinema, documentary, theater and opera), actor. , musician (singer and songwriter), author and broadcaster, blogger and selfie master, investigative journalist, human rights activist and dissident.

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