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illy Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot (3 Cups)

illy Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot (3 Cups)

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A revolutionary mocha that combines the technology developed by illy and the design experience of Alessi. Designed by Michele de Lucchi, Pulcina automatically stops the coffee flow at the right time, thanks to the internal shape of its boiler, and the last stage of outflow is eliminated. This way, you get the best version of coffee. Practical and functional coffee preparation with Pulcina moka does not require extra effort compared to a traditional model.

Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot is a stylish moka pot that produces full-bodied aromatic coffee that you can make on the stovetop. You can prepare 150ml of coffee with the Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot (3 Cups) made of aluminum material, which is equivalent to 50ml of coffee per cup. In addition , the Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot 3 Cup version is also suitable for use on an induction stove.

Note: Alessi Pulcine Moka Pot cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher or with detergent. After use, disassemble it by waiting for it to cool down, clean it by rubbing it with your hand with warm water, and then rinse it with a dry cloth.

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