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Bialetti Moka Pot (6 Cups) - Black

Bialetti Moka Pot (6 Cups) - Black

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Italians mocha coffee , although pronounced similarly, is completely different from the American mocha coffee; There is no need for chocolate syrup to prepare mocha.

You can find small, two-compartment mocha coffee pots in almost every home in Italy; Easy to use, the coffee you get is full-bodied and richly flavoured. With its iconic 8-sided shape, invented in Italy in the 1930s and produced by Bialetti since the early 1950s. Bialetti Moka Pot (6 Cups) - Black moka pot consists of a cylinder (bottom compartment), a funnel-shaped filter, an upper compartment where the coffee is collected, and a second, detachable filter attached to the bottom of the upper compartment via a gasket.

The water heated in the lower chamber rises with 2 atmospheres of steam pressure, passes through the coffee powder in the filter, and is collected in the upper chamber as liquid coffee. Although the working principle of Bialetti Moka Pot (6 Cups) is so simple, in order to make a good mocha, it is necessary to use a little practice, a careful eye and correctly ground coffee - too finely ground coffee should never be used.

To prepare mocha with Bialetti Moka Pot (6 Cups) :

  • Put drinking water into the lower chamber at the level of the lowest point of the valve on the surface of the chamber;
  • Place the funnel-shaped filter on the lower compartment, filling it freely with powdered coffee, without pressing it, to the brim;
  • After making sure that the gasket and filter in the upper compartment are installed correctly, screw the two compartments together tightly – do not force the handle on the upper compartment to tighten and then open it;
  • Place your Moka coffee pot on the smallest compartment of your stove on low heat – keeping the lid of the upper compartment open will help you catch the moment when the coffee starts to come;
  • Just before your coffee starts to create air bubbles as it comes out of the column in the upper chamber – this way you get the best parts of the coffee – take your coffee pot off the stove;
  • After waiting for a short time, you can stir your coffee with a spoon and serve;
  • Clean your coffee pot, which is made of cast aluminum material, by simply rinsing it in warm water; Do not wash in the dishwasher, do not use a soap-derived material when washing.

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