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Medium Roasted Coffee Beans (250g)

Medium Roasted Coffee Beans (250g)

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illy medium roasted bean coffee; It has the lingering sweetness and delicate notes of caramel, orange blossom and jasmine. illy Bean Coffee, Medium Roasted (250g) has a soft and balanced taste, in pressurized cans that keep it fresh for a long time.

Classico: Medium Roasted, Light and Balanced Taste

Discover the unique illy blend consisting of 100% Arabica coffee beans with medium roast intensity! Classico; It is the most comfortable variety to drink with its nice, balanced taste and caramel notes.

Carefully selected, meticulously blended and roasted illy bean coffee is the awakening of sensual pleasures and a fairy-tale passion for coffee lovers. The moment the coffee can is opened, you step into a completely different world where preparing coffee becomes a daily ritual rather than a routine task. 50 beans of the unique illy blend can be turned into a cup of espresso. A real poem in 250 gr tins!

Beans collected from every region can be roasted under the sun, but illy coffee prefers to offer the perfect one to coffee lovers with its unique blend. That's why illy Coffee, which has been refining its signature blend for 80 years, shows the world what a good coffee can be by offering this pleasure.

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