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Decaffeinated ESE Pod Coffee (18 Pieces)

Decaffeinated ESE Pod Coffee (18 Pieces)

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The product to be sent to you has an expiration date of 31/05/2023.

ESE Pod system is a system developed in illy research units to prepare espresso quickly and easily. It allows the preparation of perfectly balanced espresso with a single dose (7 g) of illy coffee carefully packaged between two environmentally friendly filter papers.

illy's special blend consists of 100% arabica coffee beans collected by hand from 9 different regions. The blend of beans grown in different climates, on different soils and with different growth methods is the secret of illy's unique taste.

ESE Pod, Decaf (18 Pieces) variety is a decaffeinated coffee with the same taste profile as the classic illy medium roast blend.

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