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Ethiopian Ground Coffee (125g)

Ethiopian Ground Coffee (125g)

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Discover the Origins of illy Coffee!

We have perfected each type of coffee beans collected from 9 different regions in our unique blend with our roasting techniques. These unique roasting techniques develop the different flavors of each Arabica coffee: they reveal more clearly the floral notes of Ethiopian coffee, the chocolate notes of Guatemala, the caramel notes of Brazil. Happiness is enjoying the good taste that comes from its origin.

Mono Arabica Coffee Selection: Ethiopia

Discover Ethiopian Ground Coffee from the illy Arabica Selection, highlighting each of the unique flavor notes found in the legendary illy blend. Grown in Ethiopia, this coffee is one of the best washed arabica coffees in the world with its delicate floral notes. This sustainably grown coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans. In Ethiopia, coffee is grown in the shade and picked by hand in the forests where coffee is believed to have originated. Ethiopian coffee roasted with this method is used specifically to enhance the natural aromatic notes and flavor profile of the coffee.

The quality of illy espresso lies in the pressure packaging application, which is proven to keep the coffee fresh. Ethiopian Powder Coffee (125 g) can remain fresh for up to 1 week by opening the package and keeping it in the refrigerator after contact with air.

Each Arabica coffee variety has its own unique roasting temperature and time to highlight its aroma and flavor. Ethiopian Ground Coffee (125 g) in pressurized cans has a delicate taste with floral notes.

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