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illy Filter Coffee - Dark Kava (250g)

illy Filter Coffee - Dark Kava (250g)

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illy offers a pleasant, intense and strong flavor with notes of dark roasted filter coffee, hot cocoa and dried fruit. The quality of illy coffee lies in the pressure packaging application, which is proven to keep the coffee fresh. Dark Roasted Filter Coffee (250 g) can remain fresh for up to 1 week by opening its package and keeping it in the refrigerator after exposure to air.


You can examine the unique illy blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans in 3 different intensities. Classico, Intenso and Forte each have a different density. Intenso is a dark, intense and full-bodied coffee with notes of cocoa and dried fruit.


Whether you call it American coffee or filter coffee, brewed/filtered coffee is the most popular preparation method in the United States and Northern Europe for its aroma and rich taste. The origin of the brewing method dates back to the 20th century.


Discover the unique blend of illy coffee ground as filter coffee. Discover the taste of illy Dark Roasted Filter Coffee that you can brew with filter coffee machines, drip coffee brewing equipment and French Press! Beans collected from every region can be roasted under the sun, but illy coffee prefers to offer the perfect one to coffee lovers with its unique blend. That's why illy Coffee, which has been refining its signature blend for 80 years, shows the world what a good coffee can be by offering this pleasure.

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