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Groovy Chemex Coffee Brewing Jug 800 ml

Groovy Chemex Coffee Brewing Jug 800 ml

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Enjoy extraordinary coffee in the simplest way. Invented more than 60 years ago, Chemex brewing equipment with an hourglass-like design is made entirely of glass. Groovy Chemex Coffee Brewing Jug, made of borosilicate glass, provides easy use with its wooden handle and is a suitable equipment for medium-bodied coffee lovers.

Groovy Chemex Coffee Brewing Jug How to use?

To use the Groovy Chemex Coffee Brewing Pitcher, you need to place filter paper on the top and pour some hot water on it to make it stick to the glass, do not forget to drain this water before pouring the coffee. Then you can put about 2 tablespoons (8-9g) of filter coffee on the filter paper for each 150ml of coffee, 600ml volume Groovy Chemex Coffee Brewing Jug  You can get 4 cups of coffee, or about 6 cups of coffee from the 800ml one. After pouring the hot water in a circular motion to cover the entire coffee, wait for 30 seconds for it to brew and absorb its flavor. Then add the remaining hot water slowly and regularly using circular movements. Wait for the coffee to slowly flow into the lower chamber. When the process is completed, you can remove the filter with the coffee grounds inside and serve the coffee from the glass jug.
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