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Hario Cold Coffee Brewing Pitcher (1000 ml) - Brown

Hario Cold Coffee Brewing Pitcher (1000 ml) - Brown

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Hario, one of the most preferred cold brew equipment Mizudashi model meets illy lovers. Hario Cold Brew Pitcher (1000ml) - Brown You can experience the taste of cold coffee.

Hario Cold Brew Jug (1000ml) - Brown is very practical to use, but you need to be a little patient to get a delicious cold coffee.

  1. Put 80 grams of illy ground coffee in the filter part of the jug.
  2. Wet the coffee with some cold water and wait for 20-25 seconds.
  3. Add 1100ml cold water to the coffee and stir the coffee in the filter.
  4. Close the lid of the jug and leave it to brew in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours.
  5. After 8-12 hours, you can remove the filter in the jug and serve.

You can get 8 portions of cold coffee with the 1000 ml jug.

Enjoy the coffee associated with cold water in summer!

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