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Hario V60-02 Coffee Brewing Set - Transparent

Hario V60-02 Coffee Brewing Set - Transparent

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With this product, which is a new starter package for coffee brewing, anyone can easily brew their coffee using the special drip method. You can easily use the V60 Plastic Dripper, which will not break easily and is included in the set, during your travels without fear of dropping it on the ground.

The V60 serving jug, which is made of heat-resistant glass and included in the set, has a striking appearance with its color compatibility with the V60 Plastic Dripper.

Use of:

V60 Plastic Dripper, with filter paper inside, is placed on the serving jug included in the set. Wet the filter paper with hot water. Then, the water collected in the serving jug is poured. The ground coffee is placed inside the filter paper and shaken slightly by hand to create a flat surface. The hot water inside the Hario V60 Kettle is poured slowly and waited for a short time. Then hot water is slowly added in circles, from the center to the outside and from the outside to the center. What you need to pay attention to here is that it does not come into contact with the filter paper as it approaches the walls. Finally, water is slowly poured into the center and the brewed coffee is served.

Contents of Hario V60 Coffee Brewing Set;

* 1 Plastic V60 Coffee Dripper-02
(Made from 120 degree heat resistant polypropylene.)

*1 V60 02 Glass Serving Jug 700 ml

*1 Measuring Spoon

*40 pieces of Filter Paper-02 (Brown)

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