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Hario V60-02 Self-Filter Dripper

Hario V60-02 Self-Filter Dripper

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Founded in 1921 One of Hario 's legendary products V60 Dripper is an indispensable tool for baristas and coffee lovers all over the world. Hario products, with their superior quality and unique design, drip method While turning coffee brewing into an art, he is also one of the biggest supporters of the 3rd wave coffee movement. Hario V60-02 Self-Filter Dripper With , amateur coffee enthusiasts can obtain delicious coffees using the special equipment used by professional coffee brewers.

Hario V60-02 Self-Filter Dripper, which has a special design with its conical structure It can be used with a capacity of 1 to 4 cups. Mauel filter is ideal for coffee brewing. Hario V60 with its spiral structure that keeps the flow rate and temperature of the water under control. Ground coffee can be brewed easily with dripper types. You can easily carry it in your bag With Hario Dripper varieties, you can get the most delicious filter coffee at home and in the office, as well as during your travels.

  • 1 to 4 cups of coffee are obtained at a time,
  • There is a measuring spoon in the package; It is recommended to use 12 g of ground coffee for each cup.

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