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illy Mona Hatoum - Powder Coffee (250G)

illy Mona Hatoum - Powder Coffee (250G)

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Experience illy's unique medium roast blend in 250g tins decorated with special patterns designed by Mona Hatoum. Let yourself be enchanted by the sweet aroma and delicate notes of caramel, orange blossom and jasmine.


You can experience the unique blend of illy coffee as ground powder coffee in its box designed by Mona Hatoum with special patterns, using espresso machines, moka pots and different brewing equipment. Beans collected from every region can be roasted under the sun, but illy coffee prefers to offer the perfect one to coffee lovers with its unique blend. That's why illy Coffee, which has been refining its signature blend for 80 years, shows the world what a good coffee can be by offering this pleasure.

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