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Decaffeinated Iperespresso Capsule Coffee (18 Pieces)

Decaffeinated Iperespresso Capsule Coffee (18 Pieces)

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The most preferred illy iperespresso capsule is here with its environmentally friendly packaging containing 18 medium roasted capsules! Discover iperespresso systems to make perfect espresso with one click.

iperEspresso capsule It is illy's closed system solution that allows you to make perfect espresso every time. With a single button, a short but very comprehensive process of 30 seconds begins. At the end of this 30 seconds, it is covered with a cream that is uniquely soft, unique in color and texture, and has a perfect flavor, rich and balanced. espresso is ready. Just as if it was prepared by the expert hands of an experienced barista... The coffee is brewed directly in the cup, and since it does not come into contact with the machine, the need for cleaning and maintenance is minimized.

illy's special blend consists of 100% arabica coffee beans collected by hand from 9 different regions. The blend of beans grown in different climates, on different soils and with different growth methods is the secret of illy's unique taste.

Iperespresso Capsule, Decaf (18 Pieces) It is a decaffeinated version with the same taste profile as the classic illy medium roast blend.

Iperespresso capsules are only compatible with Francis Francis brand machines and Hotpoint models that are specified to be compatible with illy capsules. It does not work on different brands/models of machines.

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