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Decaffeinated Powder Coffee (125g)

Decaffeinated Powder Coffee (125g)

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illy decaffeinated powdered coffee; It has the lingering sweetness and delicate notes of caramel, orange blossom and jasmine. It is obtained by decaffeinating the unique illy blend with water. The quality of illy espresso lies in the pressure packaging application, which is proven to keep the coffee fresh. Decaffeinated Powder Coffee (125 g) can remain fresh for up to 1 week by opening its package and keeping it in the refrigerator after exposure to air.


A pleasant espresso starts with the eyes: it is covered with light-colored wavy layers formed on top of the thick cream in the shade of hazelnut shell, this appearance is also called tiger stripes. Then the sense of taste is activated: the aromas create a sweet and complex harmony filled with notes of chocolate, orange blossom, jasmine, honey, caramel. Here's something special! A sweet, velvety, full-bodied feast of taste with every sip, and like all good things, the ending is the bitter truth.


You can experience the decaffeinated version of illy coffee's unique blend as ground powder coffee by using it in espresso machines, moka pots and different brewing equipment. Beans collected from every region can be roasted under the sun, but illy coffee prefers to offer the perfect one to coffee lovers with its unique blend. That's why illy Coffee, which has been refining its signature blend for 80 years, shows the world what a good coffee can be by offering this pleasure.

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