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Monin Banana Puree (1000ml)

Monin Banana Puree (1000ml)

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Although banana, the most well-known and consumed tropical fruit, is the favorite daily snack for many of us, its white, flavored puree is appreciated worldwide. Monin Banana/Banana (1000 ml) puree , which is the most delicious option for countless drinks with its rich texture and taste, is produced from ripe bananas.

Monin Banana/Banana (1000 ml) puree, which has the typical banana puree color, that is, cloudy yellow-beige , has the smell of ripe bananas, the creamy and soft taste of freshly peeled bananas and the aroma of cooked bananas that stays on the palate for a long time; It can be used in smoothies, cocktails, sodas, iced teas, and can also be included in recipes.
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