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Monin Blackberry Syrup (700ml)

Monin Blackberry Syrup (700ml)

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Blackberry Syrup (700 ml)
Rich and sweet, soft and succulent, the blackberry is a plant that loves showing off. It is a complex flavor with a dark purple color and a bitter sweetness. Monin Blackberry (700ml) Syrup, with its interesting profile, is used to enrich and enliven cocktails, iced teas, lemonade and more. Monin Blackberry (700 ml) Syrup, which is dark purple and red in color, has a ripe, blackberry smell and a velvety, soft taste; It brings you the scent of summer.

Does not contain allergenic substances
Lactose Free
Does not contain preservatives
Does not contain colorants
Does not contain artificial sweeteners
100 ml of monin blackberry syrup is 355 kilocalories (kcal).

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