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Monin Chocolate Syrup (700ml)

Monin Chocolate Syrup (700ml)

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Chocolate, which has been considered a luxury throughout history, has appeared in cocktails and special hot drinks; Rediscover classic cocktails with Monin Chocolate (700 ml) syrup !

Monin Chocolate (700 ml) syrup, which is light brown in color with a golden sheen, gives the smell of cocoa beans and the taste of cocoa liquor.

Monin Chocolate (700 ml) syrup, which has a strong cocoa taste, easily reinforces the bitter chocolate taste in your coffee and mocha drinks. You can obtain premium coffee and mocha by using Monin Chocolate (700 ml) syrup, which you can use in coffee, sweet drinks, milkshakes, flavored milk and mocha varieties, together with dark chocolate sauce .
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