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Monin Coconut Puree (1000ml)

Monin Coconut Puree (1000ml)

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Nutritious coconut and milk are suitable for versatile use in beverages and dishes, and are perfectly compatible with sweet, bitter and salty tastes. Monin Coconut (1000 ml) puree is a unique product with a wonderful texture and the aroma of freshly grated coconut; This uniquely textured flavor, used only by cooks and confectionery manufacturers, is now available to you too!

You can imagine wandering around the beaches of the tropical region thanks to the provocative drinks you will prepare with Coconut (1000 ml) puree, which is the typical color of coconut, that is, blurry white .

Coconut (1000 ml) puree makes you feel the creamy coconut taste with the smell of freshly grated coconut, leaving the last soft coconut milk aroma on the palate; It can be used in cocktails, smoothies, iced tea, soda drinks, and can also be included in recipes.
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