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Monin Creme Brulee Syrup (700ml)

Monin Creme Brulee Syrup (700ml)

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Creme Brulee - Burnt Cream Syrup (700 ml)

Creme Brulee Syrup reflects the flavors of Crème Brûlée, one of France's most beloved desserts. With a pleasant vanilla cream flavor and a slightly crumbly caramel crust, you will be able to enjoy such classic flavors in a variety of drinks. Monin Creme Brulee - Burnt Cream Flavored Syrup blends wonderfully with almond, pistachio, orange and chocolate flavors. Be sure to try adding burnt caramel flavor to hot and sweet drinks and sodas.

Does not contain allergenic substances
Lactose Free
Does not contain preservatives
Does not contain artificial sweeteners
Does not contain artificial colorants
100 ml of monin creme brulee - burnt cream syrup is 325 kilocalories (kcal).
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