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Monin Cucumber (700ml)

Monin Cucumber (700ml)

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Properties of Monin Cucumber Syrup

High concentration: 1+8 Dilution
Authentic taste, natural flavors
Pure sugar beet from France is used, it does not contain preservatives.
It is recommended to consume within 3 months after opening.
Its durability is minimum 24 months after production.

Ingredients of Monin Cucumber Syrup:

Sugar, water, natural cucumber flavor, acid: citric acid, natural sweetener, colorant: E133.

Uses of Monin Cucumber Syrup

Offering the true taste of cucumber, a fruit considered a vegetable, MONIN Cucumber syrup is strictly dedicated to use in cocktails. It is a unique flavor that you can use in cocktails and mocktails such as Cocktail, Green Park Fizz, Moscow Mule, Martini, Gin and Tonic. To reveal the full potential of cucumber syrup, you can pair it with citrus fruits and aromatic herbs to create delicious, refreshing alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

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