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Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce (1890ml)

Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce (1890ml)

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With its origins dating back 4,000 years, chocolate was a hot, frothy and bitter beverage made from cocoa beans by the ancient people of America; It became the best-selling beverage after Christopher Columbus introduced it to Europe.

Monin Dark Chocolate (1890 ml) sauce, which is dark brown in color, has a creamy, soft, rich and balanced texture; It leaves natural sour cocoa notes on the palate, making you feel the intense cocoa scent and authentic dark chocolate taste.

Thanks to the soft texture of Monin Dark Chocolate (1890 ml) sauce, you can prepare hot and cold mocha with a unique taste; Be sure to try blending it with mojito syrup ! It can be used in macchiato, latte, cappuccino, milkshake and iced drinks, as well as as a top sauce.
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