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Monin Green Mint (700ml)

Monin Green Mint (700ml)

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Green Mint Syrup (700 ml)

According to Greek mythology, 'Minthe' (Menthe), a beautiful water nymph, was jealous of her lover Persephone, the wife of Hades, and was transformed into an inconspicuous green plant with small leaves. To show mercy to Minthe, Hades gave her a beautiful aromatic scent that would last forever, and this plant is now known as mint.

A fresh, sweet, aromatic herb, mint is widely used in savory (lamb) dishes, as jelly or sauce, as tea, or to enhance ice cream and fruit desserts. One of the most popular flavors in France, Monin Green Mint syrup is used to make the refreshing mixture of water and/or lemonade and mint syrup known as 'Diabolo'.

Does not contain allergenic substances
Lactose Free
Does not contain preservatives
Does not contain artificial sweeteners
100 ml of monin green mint syrup is 307 kilocalories (kcal).
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