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Monin Gum Syrup (700 ml)

Monin Gum Syrup (700 ml)

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Gum Syrup (700 ml)

Acacia gum, also known as gum arabic, comes from the sap of the acacia tree in Senegal. It is often used for its thickening properties in cooking. You can also see acacia gum in candies, chewing gum, and sugar-coated pills. It is a product used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries due to its stabilizing properties. Monin Gum Syrup, paired with fresh notes of orange blossom, will add a silky effect to all your cocktails. It will add a great touch to your lattes, cold brews, and even sours.

Does not contain GMOs.
Does not contain preservatives.
Does not contain lactose.
Does not contain allergenic substances.
Does not contain sweeteners.
It does not contain Artificial Colorants.
100 ml of Monin Gum Syrup contains 337 (kcal) calories.

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