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Monin Irish Syrup (700 ml)

Monin Irish Syrup (700 ml)

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Monin Irish (700 ml) syrup offers you a chance to add non-alcoholic Irish flavor to your drinks when preparing specialty coffees, sweet cocktails and smoothies! Monin Irish (700 ml) syrup, with the same taste profile as Irish Cream, has been developed for the preparation of post-meal drinks, such as the most popular Irish Coffee, with a non-alcoholic formula.

Monin Irish (700 ml) syrup, which has an amber shimmering brown color , makes you feel the intense taste of coffee cream with the smell of roasted coffee and finally leaves caramel mocha notes on your palate.

You can apply thousands of coffee, flavored milk, sweet drink formulas with Monin Irish (700 ml) syrup ; You can simply add flavor to your coffee by mixing it with fresh cream and adding it to espresso/black coffee.
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