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Monin Lime Puree (1000 ml)

Monin Lime Puree (1000 ml)

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Lime, a bright green, tropical citrus fruit, stands out with its freshness and scent. Both this singularity that Monin Lime puree embodies and the power it gives to the mixture it joins are the most important factors in its having a key role in the world of cocktails and gastronomy. Known and famous by bartenders all over the world, this citrus fruit originating from South America announces its return to the cocktail scene with Monin Lime Puree. Lime puree adds freshness and sweetness to your cocktails. For example, it will bring balance and sourness to your drinks with the effect it creates in a frozen cocktail or daiquiri.




Does not contain allergenic substances

Lactose Free

Does not contain artificial sweeteners

Does not contain artificial colorants

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