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Monin Macaron Syrup (700ml)

Monin Macaron Syrup (700ml)

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Properties of Monin Macaron Syrup

Monin Macaron Syrup is a creamy and very delicious syrup with a scent similar to the smell of roasted hazelnuts with notes of vanilla, biscuit and butter.

Ingredients of Monin Macaron Syrup:

Sugar, water, natural flavoring, acid: citric acid (E330).

Usage Areas of Monin Macaron Syrup

MONIN Macaron Syrup (700ml) is a versatile product: you can create a variety of drinks, from a simple Latte to a sophisticated Martini. The perfect combination of biscuit flavor and almond scent brings a magic touch to your cocktail. You can get more delicious flavors by mixing MONIN Macaron Syrup with classic flavors such as Blackberry, Strawberry and Chocolate. You can choose Latte, Heated Milk, Coffee, Frozen, Chocolate, Mocha, Tea and Iced Tea, Sweet Drinks and Recipes.

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