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Monin Melon Syrup (700ml)

Monin Melon Syrup (700ml)

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Melon Syrup (700 ml)
Discovered by the Egyptians in ancient times, melon has been grown in the south of France since the 16th century. Melon, which is usually consumed raw and cold, can also be used in soup, sherbet or fruit salad. This round, juicy fruit goes very well with fresh herbs such as basil, lemon balm and mint. Bring sweet juicy freshness to all your beverage creations with Monin Melon (700 ml) Syrup. It is an ideal aroma for lemonades, iced teas and cocktails.

Does not contain allergenic substances
Lactose Free
Does not contain preservatives
Does not contain artificial sweeteners
Does not contain artificial colorants
100 ml of monin melon syrup contains 333 kilocalories (kcal).

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