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Monin Passion Fruit Puree (1000ml)

Monin Passion Fruit Puree (1000ml)

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Passion Fruit, grown in tropical and temperate regions, is also known by exotic names such as Maracuya and Chinola. Passion fruit is one of the fruits with the most intense scent. Its interesting seeded fruit stands out with its bright orange color and unique exotic aroma.

MONIN PASSION FRUIT (1000ml) PURE, produced from ripe passion fruit collected in the Mediterranean Region, will bring an exotic scent and a fresh tropical flavor to cocktails.

You can use MONIN PASSION FRUIT (1000ml) PUREE, with its bright orange color, exotic scent, acidic, balanced and refreshing notes, in smoothies, cocktails, sodas, iced teas and desserts & foods.

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