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Monin Tangerine Puree (1000ml)

Monin Tangerine Puree (1000ml)

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Tangerine Puree

Tangerine fruit, whose roots go back to China and Vietnam, was a fruit used in Chinese medicine for a long time with its energizing properties. The essence of this small, sun-drenched citrus fruit that originated in Europe in the 19th century; It is the subject of the successes in the French perfume market. Tangerine has become an unmissable product in bazaars and markets; It is a characteristic fruit with a sweet, soft, juicy aroma. In addition to offering a delicious alternative to lemonade, an indispensable summer drink, Monin Tangerine Puree will surprise you in smoothies, iced teas, many cocktails and especially your Moscow Mules!

Does not contain GMOs.
Does not contain lactose.
Does not contain allergenic substances.
Does not contain artificial sweeteners.
It does not contain Artificial Colorants.
100 ml of Monin Tangerine Puree contains 316 (kcal) calories. 

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