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Monin Vanilla Syrup (250 ml)

Monin Vanilla Syrup (250 ml)

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The reason why Monin's exclusive premium flavor Monin Vanilla (250 ml) syrup is among the top three most preferred syrups in coffee flavors is probably because it is based on the most beautiful pure vanilla extract of Madagascar...

The mouth-watering coffees, hot chocolates and cocktails you prepare with Monin Vanilla - Vanilla (250 ml) syrup , which is pale amber in color, will make you feel the light vanilla scent and exotic flower-flavored vanilla taste.

Monin Vanilla (250 ml) syrup, which can be used in coffee, cocktails, milkshakes and dessert drinks, can be preferred as a complementary flavor in hazelnut flavored latte types; It also matches perfectly with fruit-flavored teas.

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