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Monin Watermelon Syrup (700 ml)

Monin Watermelon Syrup (700 ml)

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Watermelon Syrup (700ml)

Monin Watermelon (700ml) Syrup offers you the exotic, fresh, thirst-quenching taste of the most popular fruit of the summer months. Although watermelon, a vine-like flowering plant, originates from South Africa, the only major producer with the world's largest production network is China. Containing 6% sugar and 92% water, watermelon is a wonderful fruit filled with red vitamin C. Watermelon, eaten fresh in slices, is also a delicious salad ingredient and is also used for refreshing desserts, iced and delicious sherbets. With its bright red color, strong, exotic freshness and juiciness, the delicate, thirst-quenching taste of Monin Watermelon (700ml) Syrup will add an invigorating and refreshing flavor to cocktails, fruit punches, lemonades and smoothies.

Does not contain allergenic substances
Lactose Free
Does not contain artificial colorants
100 ml of monin watermelon syrup contains 313 kilocalories (kcal).
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