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Monin White Chocolate Syrup (700ml)

Monin White Chocolate Syrup (700ml)

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The irresistible oily notes of the Monin White Chocolate (700 ml) syrup, which was created when President Olivier Monin requested a syrup reminiscent of the taste of the Nestle brand Galak white chocolate, harmonizes with other flavors and creates a variety of tempting lattes, milkshakes, mochas and frappes. It allows you to prepare hot or cold drinks.

Monin White Chocolate (700 ml) syrup, which is very light golden in color, gives the smell of butter with vanilla notes and the taste of cocoa cream.

Use Monin White Chocolate (700 ml) syrup in coffee, cocktails, milkshakes and sweet drinks, letting your imagination run wild! For example, you can prepare latteccino (a drink between latte and cappuccino) by mixing it with hazelnut syrup .
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