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Sasamoto e Cenci - 2 Espresso Cups

Sasamoto e Cenci - 2 Espresso Cups

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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of İlly Art Collections with the series prepared for the 2022 Biennial! Each collection was made with artists selected by curator Cecilia Alemani. This collection designed by Giulia Cenci and Aki Sasamoto for illy Art Collection will be the most valuable piece of your collection!

The new illy Art Collection is inspired by the surrealist world described in Leonora Carringon's book. The author speaks of a universe in which reality is constantly reinvented through the prism of imagination. It is possible to change in this world and to change without stopping. 6 artists created unique works united by a common theme: metamorphosis and change.

The arrow pointing up reminds us to always aim high. Get inspired by the new illy Art Collection cup designed by Aki Sasamoto for the 2022 Millennium!

Reality appears distorted by the mysterious reflections of the glass. Discover the play of light with Giulia Cenci's mirrored masterpiece prepared for the 2022 Millennium!

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